“There will once have been a world in which sleep could only be had in secret, a world of permanent wakefulness, a world of endless sunrises, a 24/7 world. A world in which sleep was first optimized and then almost abolished.”
But resistance is rising. In the backroom of a café, a “sleepeasy” is opened for collective sleeping in secrecy.
NIGHTWATCH was created in a participatory process, the story was developed based upon the dreams and wishes of the participants.

A world under the regime of sleeplessness. The resistance-network of the nightwatch is working on its next coup. Kaira, the sunrise-girl, is changing sides.

With the help of his accomplice Helga and her cat Burli, Mr. Sandmann provides an alibi for his guests.

A guest warns Mr. Sandmann of concrete people. But Sandmann knows what to do about it. Daniel Ladnar, Lars Moritz, Esther Pilkington, Jörg Thums | Featuring Otmar Wagner as Herr Sandmann | Production: Elisabeth Haid & Magdalena Scheicher | Music: EXPRESSWAY SKETCHES | Architecture: Julia Stefanie Meyer, Simon Oberhammer, Pia Prantl, Josef Schröck, Elisabeth Haid | artwork: Christian Raab

Presented by , brut Wien und SOHO in Ottakring in cooperation with Kunstverein EXTRA. With support by the Department for Culture of the City of Vienna.